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Undocumented Unafraid : a poem

Being undocumented
Used to bring you shame
With no one to give fault to
Our parents were the ones to blame
Not having a 9 digit number
you wrte stripped of your rights
Making you depressed and withdrawn
With the real war an inner fight
Feeling alone
With no shoulder to cry
When they asked are you legal
You made up a lie 
You wonder and wonder
What will I do after school
When everyones recieving scholarships
While I stand like a fool
Prohibited from working 
Because of a s.s card
Life went from being difficult
To extremly hard
You scream and you yelp
Can anyone hear me
I truely need help
Yes we can help you
GUYA is here
We’ll reach out our hand
With nothing to fear
We must win all our fights
To defend our unalienable rights
We will always stand
To protest this unlawful banned
Whereve you see us
We will march in a parade 
Celebrating the beauty
Of students who are undocumented and unafraid

-Emir P

Georgia Undocumented Youth Alliance (GUYA)