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During the last couple of months, those of you who have been following the political atmosphere in the country have probably realized the heavy debating between both parties around several issues like immigration. The Republicans, to no surprise, put forward racist, anti-immigrant laws that terrorized millions of immigrants across the United States. Meanwhile, the Democrats that campaigned in 2008 with the message of “hope: and “si se puede!” were no-where to be seen. 

Not only was Washington in silence but it also contributed to the tense xenophobic atmosphere in the country. With agencies like ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and county wide police departments, citizen status was enforced upon the population of many states. Not long ago, some of the members of the Democratic administration boasted on the large number of deportations it has achieved, which totals around a million -a much higher number than the Bush administration. 

The only change that was brought upon the immigrant community and other working people was for the worse. The increased deportations, raids, detentions, education bans and lack of work and health benefits is something that has affected everyone.

This time around, the Democrats have begun to play their tune of “change” once more. It is obvious that the presidential election is around the corner and both parties will promise the earth and the sky as long as a vote is exchanged. The immigrant youth, the community and its allies are more conscious than before and ready to work outside both parties to reach its aspirations for a better life for all. 

This is why it is important for the community as a whole to fight together for its own interests and this is why it is important for grass-roots activism to thrive among all communities to not only to resist the attacks but also to make gains for a brighter future.

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