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This is Hope Mathe, Andy’s courageous mother. I am sure, by now, most of you have heard of Andy’s dire situation. And I have told you my personal encounter with Andy’s brother Malcom last weekend.

Hope is going through her second fight against our broken immigration system. She, herself, has already been through detention center with Andy when they first fled here to the United States, the land of the Free, seeking asylum from death treats back in South Africa.

So why is that this beautiful mother of three has to go through this travesty not only once but twice?

She is my hero. I admire her so much for her strength.

I cannot even dare to convey the pain she is going through right now.

Please, keep-signing-the-petition. Reunite Andy with his family, where he rightfully deserves to be. No family should be going through such obstacles and pain to seek safety and freedom for their lives, for their children’s lives, for their future.

If our government and our politicians are turning a blind eye to this precious family, it is up to US to set things straight. Make the government see what they are doing right now. What are they doing?!?

The Undocumented, Unafraid, Unashamed, and Unapologetic

Georgia stands in solidarity with the Mathe’s family.

Please pray and sign the petition to keep Andy safe with his family.